Instagram Activity Tracker – A Tracker That Works Like a Spy

Every day millions of people share photos and life moments on Instagram, here you also can like and comment on what other people are sharing. There is an option of the like; it is for showing others that you like the post or images they share. Many people have the intention to know what their close people comment is, what is the thing they like? It may be to make a good connection to the relationship by knowing the interest. If you also want to know these things, and then use an Instagram activity tracker, it will ascertain vital information for you.

How to check the activity by using the Instagram activity tracker?

First, you will need to install the Instagram activity tracker from the Google play store or app store. Once you have set up the tracker, then you need to open the user profile, select a post that you want to check the activity. Now, go on for checking the likes under the photos or video; when you will click on the “likes,” then you will find the list of users who have liked.   If you are not using the tracker, then it is not possible to check the activity, then you only can check the general information of the post.

With the help of an app, a person can check the monthly activity of another person. You will get the chance to see the history of the action that a person has made in the last month; it is a superb method to determine the activity of someone.

What can one know after using the tracker?

When a person is using the Instagram activity tracker for knowing the activity of a loved one, then it will not have the limit till like and the comment you also can know the whole month’s activity. We can track the history of people of last month what they have liked and made the comments on the profile of the other. A user can see his/her loved one’s activity; she/he had made the number of comments and number of like on the instagram. It is also beneficial for the parents; they can know the activity of their children; if they find something inappropriate about what their kids should not do, parents can improve.

So we have seen that many activities can be tracked with the help of Instagram activity tracker. If you also want to track the activity of someone, then use this fantastic tool.