Instagram Activity Tracker- know What Others Comment and Like

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms; there are billions of people who are using this amazing platform. People share images on Instagram; it is a fantastic moment sharing platform. It is created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2012, and after some time, it was owned by Facebook, Inc. in the Instagram you create an account with the help of mobile number or email id; it is the choice of the user to have the account private or public. An Instagram activity tracker is an excellent tool to check that what your loved one likes.

There may be any situation when we want to know the activity of a close person on Instagram. It is not possible to read about the message are doing to others, but some bit of information can be collected. If you are thinking to spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend on Instagram, then to use Instagram activity, the tracker will be the right choice. With the help of this fantastic tracker, you can quickly ascertain what they like and follow whether you are following him or not.

  The tracker works like a spy

Instagram has become the most favorite place to share the life moments; we all make the present on this amazing social media platform by sharing the photos. Maybe you and your beloved person both are using Instagram so you can have a benefit. With the help of Instagram activity tracker, you can know the interest of the favorite person. It may be that you follow a celebrity and wants to know that what thing they like on Instagram then use this tracker; it will give you a great idea about their choices.

It is a good app to know about the interest of people who are close to you. Instagram activity tracker works like a spy because it can tell a person that what others are commenting on Instagram. The great benefit of this tracker that you don’t need to be the following of that person first tries the asp on a celebrity if you find something valuable the use it. It is also helpful for knowing the interest of kids, the parents who worry that what their children are doing on social media.


As we have discussed, that Instagram activity tracker has many benefits, a person can sue it for knowing the interest of the loved one and parents can use to ascertain the activity of their children.